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Top 3 Threats to Preppers

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3 Threats Preppers Should Beware Of

After searching through websites, books and watching the news or other shows, I’ve found that there are about a million different threats that could play a role in anyone’s life.  Extreme weather, natural disasters, governments, war, and the list goes on.  These aren’t only threats to preppers but everyone, prepared or not.  Oddly enough when you hear about preppers on popular shows like “Doomsday Preppers”, you hear about how they’re prepared for a specific apocalyptic event that the family being showcased predicts will happen.  You would assume that by being prepared for their event du jour that they would also be prepared for anything that could come their way.  But it’s not.  There are other basic threats specific to preppers that most rarely account for.

Prepper Expenses

Of course, there are always ways to save money on food by becoming an “extreme couponer” and by having what amounts to a warehouse in your home to store it all but usually, it’s best to just know how to do it yourself.  One way to cut costs is knowing how to grow your own food.  Food that has nutritional value that your family can not just survive on, but thrive on, is key.  Also if necessary, knowing how to plant food in inconspicuous or hidden ways could be the difference between life and death because if others know you’re growing a hearty garden, guess whose house they’ll hit first when their supplies are exhausted?

Preppers canning to save moneyOnce you’ve grown the food, you have to know how to preserve it or you’ll end up having to consume it all immediately or it will spoil due to lack of power and refrigeration.  Arguably the largest expense you will face is your homestead and property.  The alternative media sites and shows make it seem like you won’t make a very good prepper unless you’ve bought yourself a million dollar piece of property up in the hills, built a bunker on it that will probably cost you another $100K not to mention stocking it with supplies and the upkeep and the list goes on literally forever.  So how can you still be prepared on a budget?  Well like I said, you’ll have to do most things yourself.   Grow, preserve and store your own food, find creative ways to collect water and store it, but most importantly you’re going to need to find your own way to survive when you have to bug out.  Know your surrounding areas and what you can gain access to.  This can only be done by getting out there and exploring BEFORE you find yourself in a situation like this. Find out what had a longer shelf life and can used to make whole meals.  Find out if there’s a water source nearby or if there are possible caves to hide in.  You don’t need a considerable amount of money to educate yourself.  Learn what plants are native to your area, what you can and cannot eat and what’s going to turn you into the new “Into the Wild” victim.  Teach yourself how to be a basic and primitive hunter and gatherer.  Keep yourself fit and healthy which should apply to your life anyway.

The Government

Secondly, a real threat is the government, but maybe not in such an obvious way.  You may already know that governments have a bad habit of operating covertly.  That whole “standing for the people” is really just “standing for them until they start to outsmart you and begin to rise against you.” The U.S.  government may just be one of the sneakiest, or so they think.  They’ve proved time and time again that they can and have tricked the American people into voting things into law under the pretense that it means one things but really it means something else entirely.  Take the Patriot Act for example.  Americans were all for it because they were told that it would help them to find and detain potential terrorists, thwart terror events and generally make us all safer by making it harder for the terrorists to travel.  This caused American citizens to also be inconvenienced as well but because they were told it was for “our own protection’, they practically begged the government to do it.  Then came the NDAA.

Prepper Threat of Government

Not realizing until it was too late; the NDAA gives the government and all its 3-letter agencies the authority to detain any US citizen indefinitely without being told why or given a fair trial.  They’re also great at banning guns and ammo and calling it “gun control” by taking advantage of and hyping to the Nth degree by the MSM, somewhat rare and random events involving guns.  As for the people who think gun control really isn’t harming anyone, need I remind you of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tze Tung, Mussolini or many others?  But that’s another article for another time.  So how does this pose a threat to a prepper?  Well it should be pretty obvious by now.  Any government, but especially a powerful one, doesn’t like people speaking out against them as well as preparing to survive without their help.  If they aren’t your only source of hope it shows that you don’t need them and everyone wants to feel needed, especially the ones who want to control you.

The Threat of Other Preppers

Preppers are a threat to preppersThis is in two ways.  The first is that another prepper is more likely to be prepared to scavenge and “loot”.  They’re likeminded and that can be a huge weakness for obvious reasons.  This brings me to the second part.  The prepper themselves is their worst enemy.  Advertising what you have to your friends and neighbors isn’t a good idea.  Fight club doesn’t talk about fight club, right?  While everything may be going great and you have every intention of sharing, when SHTF and someone who wasn’t prepared knows you have something they need, they will do whatever they need to survive, especially if they have hungry children.  You really are best just keeping it to yourself.  If someone ever asks you can always lie, you don’t have to tell them.  OpSec is the name of the game.

So while these threats may not seem like a very big deal or an afterthought, they are actually a huge deal.  The first threat can be easily fixed by just getting up and doing it.  Everyone should be prepared for anything and even if you don’t have money to throw around this is still something that is possible.  The second reason is a little more difficult because it can be hard to predict.  All you can really do is pay attention to what’s really going on and always defend your rights.  The third is really all about you.  Having pride in your work is unfortunately the worst thing ever here.  Take care of you and yours and you’ll be a lot better off.

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